Our Reputation Management service continuously scans the Internet for keyword “mentions”.

When keywords are detected, you’re notified within 24 hours so you can respond accordingly, or we can respond as your designated representative. This in turn prevents negative reviews from gaining momentum, and addresses genuine online questions/concerns – ultimately leading to a very satisfied (and often impressed) customer base.

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A recent study showed online reviews impact buying decisions 90% of the time. (source: Zendesk, 2013)… Tweet

Our service creates awareness, implements a reputation management system, drives online user engagement, and ultimately enhances your overall customer service and reputation.

By leveraging our service and professional experience, we can help you minimize damage caused by isolated product or service problems, misunderstandings, and individuals with malicious intent to harm your business.  With a renewed focus on negative reviews, comes the added benefit of seeing all user input, and being able to respond to genuine questions and even positive reviews to show appreciation.

FACT:  If your have negative online reviews and/or social media comments, it is having a lasting and harmful effect on your reputation, and likely your business. Further, having NO online reviews can be nearly as detrimental.

Always Engage:  “Both positive and negative comments deserve at least one interaction, and it’s a great way to create value. Even the most absurd comment provides an excuse to communicate with the community, and a professional response turns a negative situation into a teachable moment.” – Jason Kulpa, Undergound Elephant.  For some great tips & tricks on how to best engage with social media communities, check out this article from HubSpot.

A passive approach to social media and online reviews no longer works – organizations must be actively engaged and aligned with users on review sites and fans/followers on social media to ensure a positive online image using reputation management tactics.  It is critical that businesses remain alert and vigilant to what, when, and where online feedback is occurring, and respond in a timely, accurate, and thoughtful manner.

 74% of Internet users use some form of Social Media (source: Pew Research Center, January 2014)… Tweet

We can monitor a variety of popular social and review sites (or specifics of your choosing) such as:

  • Google
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Yelp!
  • and more!

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